Our Process

Our strategic approach enables large enterprises to reduce the expense and complexity of their telecom and IT infrastructure, at no cost to them with minimal time commitment. From the free audit to implementation our vendor-agnostic approach will optimize spend and support Enterprises in finding the right solution, from the right vendors at the right price.

Audit & Analysis

Every client engagement begins with RAN Telecom Consulting’s Strategic Baseline Inventory and Analysis. We complete a thorough review of your current telecommunications spend, across all carriers, at every location, as well as developing an understanding of your future needs. A typical Inventory takes just a few weeks to complete and there is never any cost to our clients (direct or indirect). Most importantly the time commitment is minimal.


With a clear understanding of your current and future telecom needs, we analyze all available carriers and identify those whose services are best aligned with your strategic requirements. We create a detailed bid package which is submitted to the most relevant carriers, and prepare an executive summary for you outlining the options. RAN Telecom Consulting partners with over 250 technology providers, so our recommendations are always 100% vendor-agnostic and in line with your goals.


We coordinate meetings and continue negotiations with carriers who will deliver the most appropriate and effective solutions for your ongoing growth and competitive business needs. We ensure that your company is taking advantage of all that vendors are willing to offer to improve your overall experience and maximize effectiveness of every dollar that you spend. Our goal is to ensure we provide you with the optimum solution while reducing your current spend by 20% to 50%.


We work closely with your Carriers Project Management team to assist, manage, and support the installation of the services you choose.

Life Cycle Management & Support

Once the installation is complete we now become an extension of your IT department providing your team with a critical extra level of support the carriers simply can’t offer. While the carriers support teams are always changing we will always be by your side. RAN Telecom Consulting will review your invoices on a monthly basis to assure billing accuracy and will continue ongoing support assisting you with new services, carrier escalations, maintenance, billing tickets, trouble tickets and MACD’s.